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“Per­ceived truth is more pow­er­ful than truth itself.”

As amazing as your new book or course is (and I’m sure it’s amazing) that is not how you’ll make a lot of money or get famous

In reality, marketing is how you’ll make a fortune and get well known. And marketing is all about perception — not your product!

If you’re willing to realize that how you market your product is what will make you wealthy and not the product itself you’re ready to do a product launch (and do a ton of sales on launch day).

How to launch your new book or course

First is research. Look on for book reviews on your subject. What are people saying they hate? What are people saying they like? Then look on Yahoo answers and start looking for questions on your subject. Take notes and save this for later.

Next is list building. If you have a list (and email list that is) then you’re ready to start marketing. If you don’t you’ll need to build your email list. You can do this by creating something called a squeeze page where you can give away the first chapter of your book or the first part of your course when people enter in their email. To get traffic to your squeeze page, you need to do Google AdWords and/or search engine optimization. Dan Thies has some great information on those subjects so you can Google him to learn more about that. You can also recruit joint venture partners (people in your industry who have email lists) and do your product launch through them as well.

Plan the launch (which is the series of emails and content you’ll be giving away). Set up a blog where you’ll answer questions you get during the launch. Next create a survey which you’ll use to start of the launch by asking people on the list what their biggest problems are. Then using your market research notes start giving away content that answers those questions. Also put up answers and videos on your blog and drive people there for more information.

Plan launch day. Consider some bonuses you’ll give away and add a time or quantity limit to them. Give people a reason to buy on launch day and make it something people will have a hard time saying no to.

The product launch really comes down to researching the market language, creating engaging emails that educate the market in a stealthy way, and then having scarcity in your launch day offer. A good product launch can take about 1 month with 3 weeks of prelaunch content (the stuff you give away free and the questions you answer) and 1 week of sales (a 1 week time period they can buy).

Do this, and watch your book or course drive you a ton of sales! And don’t do it once, keep doing it and watch it get bigger and bigger each time!

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Anthony Uccello is a copywriting and product launch expert. He has worked with a number of clients, and one of his recent projects had Sir Richard Branson and Tony Hsieh as speakers. Other notable speakers were Joe Polish, Eban Pagan, and Garret Gunderson.

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