Convert a Gas Car to Electric – Finding the Right Batteries

The electric car as the name implies, is heavily dependent on the batteries. It can be said that the batteries are the main components that provide the platform for the car to move. The batteries supply the current needed for the motor to turn and then the wheels to rotate in that order. batteries for a fishing boat You would therefore want to ensure that you buy the right batteries and that they are in good condition all the time.

There are several types that you can choose from but it is recommended that you take the type of conversion into consideration. If you are converting a large car then you may have to go for heavy duty batteries that will not only provide motive power but be able to let them carry more load as well.

The type of battery you choose must also be strong enough to power the motor you have purchased. For example AC conversions would require very powerful batteries that are able to sustain charges for a long time without running down.

Foremost you may want to know that the brushless batteries are the most common and they are the ones you would mostly see in cheap conversion kits. They sell very low but lack the ability to offer motorists high speed. This type of battery may suit petty city driving where acceleration is not much of a concern.

The Permanent Magnet follows in upward cost. These offer a much improved performance over the AC brushless would be for large car conversions. They provider longer holding power though.

AGM batteries and Lithiums are the most versatile but they are very expensive. They will power large sedans, provide better acceleration and will hold power for a long time before dying down.

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