Why Every Food Lover Should Visit the Twin Cities


Minnesota’s Twin Cities are producing another character, one that commends the district’s Nordic past while grasping its multicultural present

We should discuss the yams at Young Joni. How they’re darkened like open air fire marshmallows, the inner parts all gooey and sweet. How they’re spiked with gochugaro and finished off with scarcely there unsettles of bonito chips. What’s more, underneath everything, sticking to the plate, an illuminated schmear of crème fraîche and smoky burned scallions.

What’s more, certain, we should discuss how the foodsliver mushrooms are stunningly succulent — water-expand delicious — in light of the fact that they’re confited in olive oil before they hit the flame broil. Or on the other hand how my most loved of Minnesota’s shame of lakes is the smaller than expected one made of chestnut-miso margarine pooled underneath those stout mushrooms.

We could talk along these lines about a great deal of what’s falling off the wood fire at this attractive Korean-ish pizza-and-other-stuff eatery in the educated, low-threw Minneapolis neighborhood of Northeast. In any case, I’m slanted not to dwell on the thesaurus-burdening explanations and devoted relational words of the expert food describer (this thing on that one, and a bit of something different) and simply state it straightforwardly: this stuff is great. Arrive and eat it in the event that you can. Regardless of whether that implies lashing on a couple of crosscountry skis and conquering the whiteout of an oddity spring snowstorm, as it accomplished for some determined Young Joni lovers not long before I visited in late April.

“I need you to stroll in here and feel like the café is giving you a major embrace,” said Ann Kim, culinary specialist owner of the two-year-old foundation, who additionally runs Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza, in Southwest Minneapolis. Call it Korean-Midwestern hygge. Consider it the grasp of fire and flavor by a regularly freezing city recently hip to the multidimensional tastes of its inexorably differing people. Consider it the encapsulation of particular, cosmopolitan Minneapolis, St. Paul’s marginally showier more youthful kin. Whatever it will be, it’s working. The spot was stuffed to the wood-radiated rafters.

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