The key to breaking 80 consistently, according to 5 low-handicap golfers

Breaking 80 is one of the most testing boundaries in golf. Getting over that last obstacle requires minds, expertise, and difficult work. To assist you with making that last stride, we gathered together a bunch of the lower disables around the GOLF Magazine workplaces to get their input.

1. Practice Your Short Game

Dylan Dethier (+2.7 handicap): I might want to shout this from the mountains! I have a lot of companions who shoot during the 80s and low 90s, and I think what might help them the most is getting happy with getting all over. The uplifting news? This is enjoyable to take a shot at. Discover somebody who’s acceptable at putting and challenge them to a putt-off. Discover somebody who’s acceptable at chipping and have them give you a few shots on the chipping green. Put yourself in genuine game-type circumstances. Nearest to the pin. Putting challenges for a buck. Being agreeable around the green is huge in transforming intruder or more regrettable into normal standards.

2. Locate Your Shot Shape

Luke Kerr-Dineen (2.2 impediment): When I play with golf players who are directly on the cusp of breaking 80, it’s quite often a similar issue that keeps them down: The two-way miss. It doesn’t especially make a difference what your shot shape is — I’ve played with low-single digits who play a marginal cut without fail — however as long as you groove a shot shape that is reliably going one way, you’ll be fit as a fiddle. In case you’re missing shots left and right conversely, you’ll perpetually battle to break that obstruction.

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3. Disregard Score


Set to come back to Tour one week from now, Chris Kirk opens up about battle against liquor abuse, despondency


“For a considerable length of time, I didn’t think I needed to do this any longer,” Kirk said after his round. “I would not like to waste tons of effort any longer, however after not playing for a couple of months it was anything but difficult to recollect why I love playing and contending. There are times it can thump you, yet the achievement and the great occasions are well justified, despite all the trouble.

“I’m a totally unexpected individual in comparison to I was two years prior,” Kirk proceeded. “At the point when you’re confronted with a circumstance where you’re totally crazy of your own life, it changes things. In any case, taking that break and getting some assistance gave me some point of view that possibly this isn’t as significant as we describe it. Indeed, it’s my vocation and my enthusiasm and what I love to do, however there are greater things throughout everyday life. I can hardly wait to return home today around evening time and give my significant other and three young men an embrace and that is the thing that I care progressively about at this point.”

With respect to conveying his recently discovered force onto the more stupendous phase of the PGA Tour, Kirk is cheerful that he can do that, as well.

“I realize my great is bounty adequate,” he said. “It’s simply a question of seeing and feeling it.”

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